Welcome to debutànt


It’s been about a month and a half since we introduced ourselves to the world, but we still hadn’t welcomed you to the debut universe as it deserves. Welcome!

We opened this blog, how could it be otherwise, thanking you a million for the support and feedback you are giving us from the beginning.We are very happy with the reception that the brand has had and how much you tell us that you like it! the quality and design of our first Season Zero collection!

Why debut? After a process of searching, studying, defining and defining what we wanted our brand to represent and transmit, we came to the word “debutant”. This concept contained and projected the brand values ​​that live in it: creativity, freedom, honesty, daring and freshness.

The word debutant has artistic and therefore creative connotations, and in turn, a person who makes his debut in something, carries implicit in his way of acting or even being, a certain daring or self-assurance to fight for something and achieve it. “Debutante” is also synonymous with beginner and we are. We come from the world of design but it is our first textile project and we do not hide it; honesty above all. The truth is that this began as a common dream of transforming our creativity in the form of t-shirts and although we did not have much idea of ​​how to handle this boat we have learned a lot (and we continue to do so) and thanks to you we are sailing at a good pace. At the same time, the brand is honest with our slow philosophy, of slow design and enjoyment, trying to cause the least impact in the whole process.

Freshness? Debuting in something, in our case in the textile field of T-shirts, implies enthusiasm and certain expectation. Our attitude is fresh and expectant towards this new project that has just begun to grow and it is an attitude that we want to be reflected in the designs so that it reaches you as a client: debut is freshness. Finally, the concept of freedom is implicit in the process of undertaking itself and explicit in the emphasis we place on the natural and on nature.

Last detail! Finally we opted to put the word in French because it gives it a softer sound and is associated with the world of fashion. Yes! We have played with the accent to put it how and where only we are interested. Metaphorically it will be our graphic element to transmit to you everything that moves us, worries us or what we are working on: natural fibers, recycling, slow philosophy, words and puns to design….

Well, newcomers, I said, thank you for being part of the project and for making the community grow little by little. Now that you know something more about us, we would love to continue knowing much more about you, so do not stop writing to us, follow us on networks and comment on any questions or suggestions.