“Tote bags”: the fashion that banishes plastic

Fortunately, both “tote bags” and shopping bags have become an indispensable complement in recent years. We say fortunately, because beyond fashion, the more cloth and cotton bags we take to the streets and use and reuse over and over again, the fewer plastic bags will flood our daily lives and our Planet.

The word “tote” comes from English. It was in the early 20th century that the term began to be used with suitcases, but it was not until about 1940 that it began to be applied to refer to bags. Specifically, it began to be used, when they began to design handbags that did not require so much care and were much more comfortable to transport things … Curious right?

Currently the tote bags colonize our streets. We can see these cloth bags in the subway, in the supermarket, at music festivals … They are everywhere! Almost everyone uses or has ever used a cloth bag of this type, regardless of age and style because beyond its simplicity and ease of carrying, there is more to do than Doraemon’s pocket!

As of 2017, many firms began to take care of their design and those with phrases and messages of all kinds and those with illustrations of different colors have become popular. They have become a complement that, after all, talks about us or what we aspire to be. They are like a declaration of intent, they are fashion, they are fun and in the case of using them mainly to consciously replace plastic bags, they are conscience and responsibility. These popular bags speak of the concerns or ideas of those who carry them as they have become a symbol of identity. Have you considered it?

better together
Tote Bag Better Together

Their indisputable virtue is that they are reusable and very resistant since they are usually made of canvas and strong cottons, so they are perfect to replace the plastic shopping bags that spread throughout the world from the 70s for years.

In debutànt we bet on natural cotton ones, serigraphed and printed with water-based inks and with original designs and messages that do not leave anyone indifferent. They have a casual and carefree air so you can choose the one that best suits you. Join the revolution to banish single-use plastic from our lives.