Debutànt socks: socks made in Spain

A little over a month ago we presented you with the first debut collection of socks made in Spain. Today, we would like to tell you something more about this indispensable garment and about the new adventure in which we have embarked when designing and manufacturing them… Will you join us?

calcetines fabricados en España
Rayado Sock
The difference is made by the small details.

Undoubtedly, today, the sock has become a sign of identity. Dressing one or the other or doing it one way or another says a lot about each one of us; of our personality and our style.

Currently we usually combine them to give that original, fun or colored touch to almost any look, but the truth is that this garment or rather its “reason for being” (to shelter and protect our feet), is not something current, rather, it has existed for millions of years.

Already in the Neolithic, when the climate was a real problem, they worried about protecting feet and calves with fur from the cold, although the first socks, more similar to those we know today, appeared with the first “boots”: “It was a small garment that protected the foot from scratches from shoes and from the cold. They were made of felt or non-woven cloth, resulting from agglomerating fluff or wool; Animal and human hair were used as lining, thus alleviating the problems that rough materials caused to the skin.

That is why we can see in the use of this garment, a clear transition over time: socks have gone from having this only purely functional mission, to becoming a statement of intentions and style because in fashion, as in almost everything, the little details make the difference.

calcetines fabricados en España
Sunset Sock
The first collection of debutant socks made in Spain.

Of national manufacture, the debutànt socks collection is a vibrant collection, full of color and design. Each of the models reflects the essence of the brand (cheerful, committed, natural …) and they have been designed with great affection, once again betting on responsibility and commitment to the environment, both in their manufacture and in the packaging that accompanies them. .

At the design level, this project has been a challenge and a learning experience for us because creating a collection of socks has meant handling design techniques different from those we had been using. On the other hand, the issue of the search for workshops or factories that could make our designs come true, brought us the odd headache … When we began to think about expanding our catalog with a collection of socks we were clear about several things: we wanted to manufacture in Spain, make small and careful runs, and not for this reason give up a wide color chart or the quality of the fabric, and we get it! We are very happy with the result.

We are committed to local manufacturing working with a small factory in Burgos that gave wings to our project, specialized in the production of high-quality cotton socks: natural combed cotton and EKO-TEK Standard 100 certification.

calcetines fabricados en España
Better Together Sock

Why cotton? The main reason is that it facilitates perspiration, quickly absorbs sweat and is adaptable to any change in weather as it is a natural fiber.

Why is it important that our socks are OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified? Because, broadly speaking, it verifies that there are no harmful substances in the clothes you buy, or in the manufacturing phases of the same.

Además, el confort en todas nuestras prendas es una máxima para nosotros, por eso nuestros calcetines no llevan incómodas costuras en la puntera para que andes con ellos en la gloria y disfrutes de una mayor comodidad con cero roces.

The new collection of socks joins the debut catalog. Enter our website and take a look. What is yours? Give and treat yourself to quality socks, made with great care and in Spain. Thanks for joining us, never better said, at every step.