Sara Maese, debutànt artist´s collection


Hi there! This cool t-shirt you see belongs to our new section called Artist`s Collection. This section was born from the idea that collaborating with other artists is the best vehicle to grow, learn and give visibility to the work of other illustrators that we like very much and that we believe, do things very very well.

We are very happy to launch this collaborative stage with Sara Maese, an illustrator who bases her work mainly on the shape of women with a very recognizable style.

After several deliberations, together with Sara, we decided to give “textile life” to her “Free your tits” design because it fits perfectly with the new collection we have just launched: INTO THE WILD. All the garments in this collection share an air of free spirit, of betting on the natural as a true home and of course, for color and joy.

And this has been the result… Isn’t it great? The t-shirt has a loose cut, it is 100% certified organic cotton and the base color chosen as the canvas is a very original and versatile dust pink.

Free your tits T-shirt

Sara Maese lives in the south of Spain, far to the south. He graduated in Fine Arts many years ago and studied a couple of masters related to graphic design. She started her career as an illustrator in 2015 and, after several ups and downs, she managed to develop what her personal style is today.

She has worked with different brands of stationery, fashion and magazines and now we are delighted to have her in debutànt!


The work of the illustrator Sara Maese is very recognizable, and she often opts for the female nude “I find it fun and aesthetically I like it a lot”. In addition, she often plays with pastel colors, organic shapes, and a cheerful, fun tone. He likes to experiment with different techniques, such as embroidery, punch needle, ceramics, but he almost always ends up doing his work in Illustrator and shaping it as patterns which is how he thinks works best.

Sara Maese’s imagination is very special, almost magical and that is why we wanted to have him in this new collection. We hope you like the result as much as we do and of course FREE YOUR TITS!

free your tits

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