Responsible shipping with 6 debutant ingredients

Do you know that illusion you feel when you are about to receive an important package? In debutànt we want you to feel it every time you receive one of ours. To achieve this, we take care of every detail and put all our love in what we do, so that you receive it together with your purchase. Our main illusion is to be able to walk, more and more, towards a much more responsible production model and that is why we try to ensure that our garments, like everything that surrounds them, carry a lot of that illusion in the form of responsible shipments.

Today we want to talk to you about how we choose all the elements of our packaging, labeling and shipments so that they are increasingly consistent with our values ​​and responsible for the environment.


We assemble the labeling manually, garment by garment. We have different types of labels depending on the model, but all of them are labeled responsible:

Our first creation was the double labeling of vegetable paper and card made with remains of the brewing industry on one of the oldest machines in Europe. In addition to the recurring printing with ecological inks, we carry out a manual punching and use a jute twine that we purchase in specialized local stores.

The second version is a double labeling where we substitute the vegetable paper for a totally handmade seaweed one composed of 100% cotton and made sheet by sheet.

In some specific models we also resort to a third simple labeling with a recycled kraft card, printing with ecological inks, manual punching and jute twine.


Las cajas que utilizamos están impresas con tintas ecológicas al agua y fabricadas de cartón reciclado. Están producidas con tres capas de cartón corrugado por lo que poseen alta resistencia con el fin de que puedas darles una segunda vida. Además, su superficie posee un tacto suave y muy agradable. La compañía productora que elegimos colabora directamente con el poyecto “One Tree Planted” a través de la ONG del mismo nombre.


We close all your orders with a paper adhesive tape that is environmentally friendly, chlorine free and based on only mineral oil derivatives that makes removal by heat treatment environmentally friendly.

The paper support is natural and sustainable and is made up of 60% biobased material.


We wrap our garments with a very special tissue paper. On the surface it may look like normal tissue paper, but there is one great little detail that makes us especially proud of it: its FSC certification guarantees that the products that carry it come from forests managed in a sustainable and responsible way. For more information about this certificate you can read our post FSC certification. Managed forests, responsible products.


We try to set only two weekly package pickups to reduce the number of carrier trips and fight the worrying CO2 footprint. In order to meet committed delivery times, we take on a high percentage of the shipping cost by converting most deliveries to Express.

We hope you liked our recipe for responsible shipping, see you soon!