Printing with clean inks

As we mentioned in a previous post about certifications, in debutànt we are committed to fair trade through the Fair Wear Foundation seal, but we consider respect for the environment just as important and therefore we only work with products that have committed organic certifications. These certifications on many occasions not only endorse the organic production process, social responsibility or support for agricultural or developing communities, but also establish important protocols on stamping, dyeing, storage or transport.

The world of textile printing and stamping has long been considered highly polluting, and unprocessed waste often ends up in drains that end up in aquifers, rivers and seas. These usually come from washing of prints, bleaching waters and dyes or printing waters and sizing.

The printing techniques are very varied: digital printing, gravure, flexography, screen printing, offset… An endless number of techniques whose effectiveness, adaptation to the printed material and print run conditions the use of both. Each of them requires the use of some materials, some cleaning processes … Sometimes several techniques are mixed and in others prepress or fixed elements are used that can also be polluting.

"Aretha", efecto lavado a la pieda, serigrafía por corrosión totalmente ecológica.

Without going into much technical detail, our brand is aware of all this and that breaking the organicity of the garment is very easy if it is not taken into account. Our values ​​promote the use of clean inks, and thus we print in a local artisan workshop.

We follow the stamping processes with the printer hand in hand, and we discuss and decide the best ecological technique for each design, always using clean inks and avoiding polluting products, plastisols, vinyls, PVC or any material that cancels the seals of the garments. Our screen printing screens are always reused, and the runs are very much in line with sustainable production, taking into account the transport processes.

See you soon!