New Collection SS20


Hi there! Summer is coming and the new debut designs are here! They have been difficult times for all of us, so we want to thank you, once again, for continuing to bet on the small brands that we work on low heat.

We bring you a collection designed to be enjoyed, to vindicate from mischief and humor everything that concerns us and we want to make visible by expressing it through fashion. We bring you, as always, sustainable and timeless garments to give that extra “point” to any of your looks.

We design very very slow, with materials that respect the environment, working as a team and dedicating a lot of time and care to find the perfect concept for each garment. Satisfied with the result of the work process, we want to tell you more about what is related to this new batch of garments.

Camiseta Leia
Camiseta Orgánica "Leia" -Don´t call me princess

This new collection is inspired by the natural, the community spirit, the return to the essential, the value of difference and the exaltation of small things. All this in reality, is part of the debut spirit from the beginning, but we do not stop observing, and learning to implement it. We want to offer you the best by being connected and aware of everything that happens around you.

In addition to bringing you garments inspired by life, nature, attitude, the need to take care of the Planet, humor and even irreverence, we are now much more aware that responsibility is a path that we are walking and improving at every step. In this sense, we have introduced new sustainable materials, fabrics and weights that are very comfortable and fresh for your skin and cuts with new details, so that you can choose what best represents you and suits you.

Como novedad imperiosa llegan los esperados cortes de mujer oversize, muy estilosos para todas y muy demandados por nuestras chicas curvi. Además, podrás elegir entre tejidos de distintos gramajes y acabados de prendas confortables y suaves para el cuidado de tu piel… ¡Y ojo a los detalles! Llega más variedad respecto a los acabados. Fíjate en los bajos, los cuellos, las costuras y las mangas para escoger aquellas prendas que mejor se adapten a ti.


We continue to work with organic cotton as a natural base ingredient, but we have also opted for a new sustainable fabric in some of the models: eco-viscose. It is a much cleaner and more ecological viscose that is produced following a series of strict label guidelines set by the European Union. In addition, this season’s garments bring new certifications such as Organic 100 and Organic Blended from the Content Standard.

Organic t-shirt "Child Spirit"

If something works, why discard it? This is a vital maxim but in design it seems the same to us. Now your favorite t-shirts “Nasti de Plastic” and “Rock & roll and Cocido” arrive fresher and renewed. See lookbook.

We hope you like the new designs and inspire you as much as we do. Thank you for sticking with us and supporting a small brand like ours.

We start with all our energy, thanking you very much that you continue to trust us.