How to remove stains on white clothes naturally?

Have you started with the wardrobe change and it almost gave you a glitch because your stored white clothes are now yellow? Does your white clothes have horrible deodorant marks that are impossible to remove? Have you splashed on your favorite shirt and now it has stains of wine, strawberries, blackberry … all over it?

Do not panic! In this post we are going to give you a simple and natural trick to return to white and at the same time take care of your clothes (especially those sustainable garments to continue making their life cycle more responsible).


Today in debutànt we tell you a super simple trick to do to remove stains on white clothes. We will only use elements that we all have at home and above all, natural: a mixture of warm water, bicarbonate and lemon. Do you want to test its effectiveness? Hands overboard!

If the garment to which you want to return its original color is completely white (towels, sheets, shirts, cloths, t-shirts …) it will be much easier and faster. You just have to put this garment in a container (basin, bucket …) with warm water and add a teaspoon of bicarbonate and a few drops of lemon. You will see that the mixture has a certain effervescent effect. It is totally normal, do not worry, that will indicate that the ingredients begin to act.

"Sunday and Vermut" white, very white.

Sodium bicarbonate has very good properties for our clothes, even for our washing machine. It has clear advantages over traditional detergents that are much more toxic:

1.- It helps to maintain the colors and brings out all the shine of your white clothes.

2.- It is a great disinfectant and removes odors. It is antimicrobial and antifungal.

3.- Provides greater softness to fabrics. It acts as a softener since it balances the pH levels of the water and also contributes to making a lot of foam.

4.- It is inexpensive, careful with fabrics and effective with stains.

5.- Help clean and disinfect your washing machine. It can be used together with your usual detergent, adding half a glass in the box if the detergent is liquid. If the detergent you usually use is powder, you will add the baking soda only in the rinse cycle.

For its part, lemon has lightening properties. A few drops of its juice will enhance the bleaching effect of this mixture. It is also antiseptic and very effective on tough stains.


We give you two options:

  • If your garment is completely white, soak it for about a day or at least, as many hours as you can. When you take it out and rinse it, you will see as if by magic the spots will have disappeared and the yellowish color too! If you can dry in the sun later, the result will be nuclear white!


  • If your garment has a drawing or print that you do not want to damage or just a very localized stain, it may not be necessary to treat it entirely. We recommend treating the stains separately with the mixture of bicarbonate and lemon and rub it with an old toothbrush for example or if it is a delicate garment, better rub with a cloth. In this case we will let it act for at least 20 minutes and then we will clarify.


We hope you find this formula useful and you use it often!