Ecofriendly tank tops: a must-have basic

If we were to list certain things without which summer would be less summer, we would certainly include tank tops.

Along with flip-flops, beer, sunsets at sea, naps and ice cream, tank tops are one of those refreshing garments that help us deal with high temperatures and are a must-have. for the summer season.

There are days when the tank top becomes our second skin, our best friend… The only one you can bear before succumbing to the idea of ​​going out naked in the scorching sun. They accompany us day and night, to sleep, to go to the beach, to go out to dinner…. That is why it is very important that these garments are made with breathable, fresh and light fabrics and, if possible, eco-friendly.


In debutànt we have prepared some very fresh and conscious designs. As always, we bring you new models with funny illustrations and messages but committed to the Planet and to people.

All debutànt t-shirts are designed and manufactured under the regulatory umbrella of fair trade and we only use environmentally friendly materials such as EcoVero viscose or organic cotton. In addition, we print them in our small workshop-friend in a traditional way, one by one with clean inks.

In the case of this summer’21 collection, the tank tops are made with a fabric made up of both fibers. Specifically, they are made with 70% EcoVero viscose and 30% organic cotton. The cut is completely timeless and does not give heat because they are wide armholes and long at the waist.

In the end, all this translates into greater comfort and convenience for your skin. The ecofriendly materials without toxic or aggressive manufacturing processes, are soft fabrics with your skin, reduce possible allergies and itching, perspire and have a perfect fall.

Top tirantes viscosa ecológica

Ecovero ™ fabric is one of the most widely used responsible options today. It has a series of positive characteristics such as that it is a much cleaner and more ecological viscose since for its production, strict guidelines of the label set by the European Union must necessarily be followed.

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The main differences between organic and conventional cotton are that organic cotton is grown in rotation crops, not in monocultures like conventional, which is why most of the fertile soil is lost.

In organic cotton cultivation, chemicals such as fertilizers or pesticides are not used, but pest control is carried out by indigenous biological methods or insects and animal manures are used. In contrast, traditional cotton farming uses a myriad of these harmful products: pesticides, insecticides, fertilizers and artificial spraying, in addition to using genetically modified seeds.

Other differences are that organic cotton is collected manually to avoid defoliation, the leaf is lost due to seasonal natural processes and 80% of the irrigation water used comes from rain. On the contrary, in the case of conventional cotton, its collection is carried out with machinery, the plantation is sprayed so that the leaf falls sooner and it is often grown in areas with a shortage of water and thousands of liters of water are used. Up to 2700 liters of water are used to make a traditional cotton T-shirt. It’s outrageous!

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Top tirantes viscosa ecológica

Prepare your wardrobe for the summer. We recommend that you gradually make clothes with which you feel identified so that you start dressing as you think. Always less is more. Worrying about the origin and values ​​behind a brand is increasingly important.

If you want comfort without giving up on fashion and cover your skin with soft and friendly fabrics, this collection of tank tops ideal for summer is for you.

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