Covid19 BETTER TOGETHER solidarity T-shirt

When this terrible situation caused by Covid-19 began, as a small business, we wanted to do something to do our bit to face such a situation. Debutànt exists thanks to all of you who have supported us from the beginning believing in our brand values ​​and in our products, that is why we think that together we could help to a greater or lesser extent and not stand idly by.

The sense of community is back: BETTER TOGETHER

In record time and from this feeling came the idea of ​​launching a covid19 solidarity t-shirt to donate 50% of the benefits to the medical support that works so hard, now more than ever and without rest, to save human lives. “Together we will get it!” They repeated us and from there came the design of the “Better Together” print.

The days go by and on an individual level there have been many of us who began to realize that the individualism and selfishness in which we had settled as a society would not lead us anywhere. It is together and only together, as a community, as a team, as a species, how we can get out of this situation at the same time that, taking care of our Planet, we will find the best medicine.

The balconies, the windows and the houses full of people supporting those toilets, did the rest. They have been our inspiration to develop the graphic idea, the message and all the imaginary that surrounds the very special “Better Together” t-shirt. At debutànt we believe that a cooperative and respectful world with the environment is and will be much better for everyone.

Covid19 'Better Together' solidarity t-shirt

The covid19 “Better Together” solidarity t-shirt is a certified organic, fair trade and ethical garment for workers. It does not contain genetically modified organisms and is available for both women and men.

In addition, and as we announced on our social networks, the central print is available as a free download so that anyone who wants can print it and hang it in their window and thus extend the message much more.

We really want to wear this garment for what it means and we look forward to the day when we can put them on and walk normally down the street when all this is over. We are looking forward to dressing them when we go out to enjoy the little things in life: being together and being able to hug.