A walk through Madrid in search of organic cotton t-shirts and other sustainable products.

Today we propose a small route through some of the most special shops in Madrid. In them you can find high quality products, original t-shirts and most importantly: sustainable!

On this route we go in search and capture of the so-called “slow fashion”. In Madrid, fortunately, we discover more and more stores with a responsible and committed philosophy; stores that care about the origin of their products and their quality. We can find from certified organic cotton t-shirts to accessories, jewelry or decoration made entirely by hand and manufactured mostly by local and fair trade brands.

We are going to start a conscious and responsible shopping-day that we invite you to do on foot or by bicycle to enjoy at the same time the most emblematic places and neighborhoods and make some of the most typical plans of the capital.

How about? Can you come with us? We start in the mythical Plaza de Cascorro, we continue through the Plaza Mayor, and visit the neighborhood Las Letras to finally finish, in Las Salesas.

LA APOLINIA – Creative concept store

The store is located in the heart of Madrid, in one of the most authentic and traditional areas of the capital: Plaza de Cascorro. La Apolinia has brands that are responsible for the planet and for people. They bet on fair trade brands and mostly locally produced. Part of the charm of this place is that it was previously an old shoe store from the 70s, then a watch shop from the beginning of the century and now this space full of design and creativity with the aura of that tradition sits.

Camisa La Apolinia
Photo: facebook La Apolinia

Mainly we can find children’s clothing with illustration and color of an ecological, fair trade and vegan nature, but they also have handmade and unique pieces, such as designer bags and jewelry or locally produced socks and organic cotton t-shirts for adults.

In addition, they have their own brand of ecological shirts. A project that transfers the work of different illustrators to organic cotton, to end up wearing fun 1940s cut shirts.

“A space full of treasures to enjoy, give away or admire. An essential visit”- Time Out Madrid

The plan: Very close to there, in the Lavapiés neighborhood, is the San Fernando market. A diverse market like the old ones, but with a very current vision in which you can have an aperitif or buy very good quality gastronomic products.


If you walk past one of Daniel Chong’s stores, you won’t be able to resist entering. In addition to being primarily a sustainable clothing and accessories store, the store itself exudes good vibes in full color.

Daniel chong
Daniel Chong · Photo daniel-chong.com

There are several stores distributed throughout the most emblematic places of Madrid, but on this route we suggest you visit the small but charming store on Calle Imperial 5, located next to the Plaza Mayor. It’s great! Its star product are the backpacks and handbags created by hand by the designer Daniel Chong himself; Unique pieces, handmade and lined with recycled cotton and fabrics obtained from recycled PET bottles.

In addition, the store has products from other local designers and craftsmen: jewelry, very, very original decoration products, organic cotton t-shirts and clothing made with other sustainable and recycled materials. It will be very difficult for you to choose!

The plan: Take a walk around the mythical Plaza Mayor in Madrid and try one of the calamari sandwiches that are offered in many of the surrounding taverns. This is the best alternative to make a stop on the way, recharge your batteries and savor one of the most typical things in the center of Madrid.


There are two stores in Madrid. By proximity we will start by visiting the store on Huertas street located in the heart of the Barrio de las Letras in Madrid.

Entering The Corner is like entering home, time stands still in this cozy store. The place still maintains the old brocade wood façade and the original exposed brick interior, cleverly intermingles antique furniture, paintings, rugs and coat racks made from old pipes with much more modern elements to create a unique space.

The corner Madrid
Photo: enboga Madrid

At The Corner, every detail is taken care of, shopping there is an experience. Although we will not find exclusively sustainable firms and brands, it is true that they have been introducing them for a long time and walking towards that philosophy. In fact, they were one of the first stores to have organic cotton T-shirt brands in Madrid and they are currently introducing other types of artisan products such as designer ceramics, small brand jewelry and even plants.

The plan: Take a leisurely stroll through the Las Letras neighborhood, it is a neighborhood full of magic and history and it will really be worth it. Many of its streets have golden phrases sculpted on the ground by writers such as Lope de Vega, Cervantes, Calderón de la Barca, Sister Marcela de San Félix, Góngora, Bécquer or Echegaray, among others and you will have the feeling of participating in a full game of clues, riddles and trompe l’oeils through its streets. Be sure to go to number 2 Huertas street because you will discover El Jardín del Ángel, one of the oldest flower shops in Madrid and one of the most charming places in the city.

To finish our route and if you still want to walk or pedal a little more, you can go visit their original store that is on Orellana street in the Las Salesas neighborhood. Its philosophy and products are the same but the style of the store is somewhat more modern and Nordic. Decide which of the two stores you like the most and take the opportunity to visit the Las Salesas neighborhood, a neighborhood full of theaters, palaces and cafes.

The corner Madrid
Photo: enboga Madrid

Put the finishing touch to the route by having a very warm coffee at Café Central, located on Boulevard de Alonso Martinez, an establishment that opened in 1908 as one of the best mirror and frame shops in Madrid and later opened as café with live jazz music.

Finally, a tip for making a responsible and active purchase: always ask for information and advice from the shop assistants and look at the inner labeling of the garments and articles to see their composition and origin. Try to buy in small stores with values ​​and a responsible philosophy with the Planet.